MaCh Bar Restaurant - Authentic Indian Cuisine
MaCh Restaurant
Wragby Road East,
North Greetwell,

Tel: 01522 75 44 88

Relax before your meal in the Lounge area for MaCh Bar RestaurantThe Lounge at MaCh provides the perfect start to a most memorable Indian meal

Before being seated at your table, why not relax with a drink and peruse the menu in our sumptuous Lounge. This area is not totally separate from the restaurant, but has been cleverly and artistically divided from it - so you can get a real taste of the dining atmosphere before you arrive at your table.

The initial concept for the Lounge was simple. We wanted the dining experience to begin here, giving customers a chance to absorb the atmosphere and let go of the day's anxieties.

We've achieved this by using mood lighting, providing comfortable furniture and sourcing furnishings that are extremely pleasing to the eye. The decor is contemporary right down to the glass noughts & crosses board. You might just have time for a game while we prepare your table!

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