MaCh Bar Restaurant - Authentic Indian Cuisine
MaCh Restaurant
Wragby Road East,
North Greetwell,

Tel: 01522 75 44 88


Enjoy real Indian food in a contemporary restaurantThe restaurant design perfectly complements its authentic Indian cuisine

MaCh welcomes couples, families and also small groups - who want to enjoy a celebratory meal within a stylish and popular restaurant. Our Indian restaurant caters for most food palettes. Whether you prefer hot, medium or mild, we'll have something for you.

When we designed the restaurant, attention to detail was key. The seating had to be comfortable, the lighting had to be just right and the tables had to be minimally dressed. From the contemporary decor to the quirky cutlery, no expense has been spared to create a restaurant that never ceases to impress.

If you like the look of the restaurant, why not browse through our menu of authentic Indian cuisine and perhaps book a table. We’re open from 5.30pm every day of the week. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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