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MaCh Restaurant
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Main meals

Enjoy real Indian cuisine at MaChTaste the flavours of the East with authentic Indian food from MaCh

Visit MaCh Bar & Restaurant in Lincoln and experience fresh and flavoursome Indian food. The menu was created to inspire customers and includes all of our favourite dishes. Everything is freshly prepared, although you will have to pre-order the fabulous Lobster Masala!

MaCh Specials

(Available in vegetable and chicken or for extra 50p in lamb or £1.50 in prawn or £2.95 in king prawn unless specifically stated)

Balti Palak Aloo Dhal (v) 7.95
A traditional vegetarian Balti. Potatoes, spinach & lentils cooked with selected spices & ginger, garlic, onions & tomatoes -medium.

Aubergine Curry (v) 7.95
Oven roasted aubergine cooked with potato. medium.

Tikka Masala (n) £8.50
Chicken or Lamb Tikka marinated in yoghurt & herbs cooked over a charcoal grill & then put in a creamy sauce.

Kuzuri (n) £8.50
A more adventurous creamy dish, with hint of spice. Chicken or Lamb.

Jalfrezey £8.50
A North Indian spicy dish prepared with onions, green peppers and green chillies. Chicken or Lamb.

Chicken Harialli £8.75
Chicken and spinach cooked in a cream butter sauce. Mild to medium dish.

Balti Lazeez £8.95
A combination of chicken, prawns and lamb cooked with fresh ingredients & garnished with fresh coriander.

Karahi Chicken £8.95
Tender Chicken cooked in a traditional wok - Punjabi style, in a sauce using special blend of spices tomatoes and onions.

South Indian Garlic Chicken 8.95
Medium spiced dish influenced by the southern states of India. Prepared with extra hint of garlic and garnished with coconut powder.

Sajon Special £9.15
Shredded tandoori chicken fused with minced lamb, ginger, garlic & selected herbs & spices to create a mouth watering dish - medium to spicy.

Ghost Chana £9.15
Tender lamb and chick peas, cooked with mustard seeds, onions and tomatoes - medium spiced.

Hara Murgh 9.15
Chicken is first marinated with green spices and fresh herbs before being cooked in a spicy sauce.

Desi Chicken 9.50
MaCh signature dish - Traditional North Indian recipe fusing spiced tomato puree, ginger garlic paste and onions with touch of spice. spicy.

King Prawn Goan Special 12.95
South Coastal Indian speciality dish. Prepared with coconut milk. medium to spicy.

Keralan Fish Curry £12.50
Made from Indian Pangasius fish - a haddock like fish caught in Indian Ocean (boneless). Pan fried and simmered with coconut milk, banana chips and curry leaves - medium to spicy.

Dish of the Month
Each month we will have a different dish for customers to try. Please ask your waiter for details. Price will vary depending on the dish.

MaCh Mains

(Available in vegetable and chicken or for extra 50p in lamb or £1.50 in prawn or £2.95 in king prawn unless specifically stated)

Madras £7.95
Hot dish cooked with ground chillies for a taste to be remembered.

Rogan £7.95
Cooked in a rich sauce using tomatoes garnished with coriander.

Sag £7.95
Cooked with spinach, ginger, garlic & delicate spices.

Korma(n) £7.95
A curry originally for the British Raj in India. A mild and creamy taste.

Bhoona £7.95
Combination of spices fried together, providing a dry dish of medium strength.

Balti £7.95
Cooked with fresh ginger, onions and tomatoes for an authentic north Indian taste

Tandoori Dishes

Special selection of dishes from northern India. Tender meats are delicately marinated in yoghurt sauce with spices, then cooked in a "tandoor", a traditional clay oven. Served with salad and mint sauce.

Tikka £7.75
Pieces of marinated chicken or lamb served with salad.

Chicken Shaslik £8.25
Pieces of marinated chicken "tandoored" with green peppers and onions.


These dishes are cooked with Basmati rice with fresh herbs and spices. Garnished with tomatoes, cucumber and lemon. Served with vegetable curry sauce.

Sabji Biryani £8.75
Mixed vegetables cooked with Basmati Rice.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £10.25
Prepared with specially marinated lamb or chicken tikka pieces.

Special Biryani £11.25
Prepared with prawns, lamb and chicken for a unique flavour.


Rice £2.50
Pilau Rice £2.75
Garlic Rice / Mushroom £2.95
Coconut / Special Rice £2.95
Naan £2.25
Garlic Naan £2.95
Keema, Peshwari or Cheese Naan £2.95
Chapati £1.95
Roti £2.50
Paratha £2.95
Chips £2.25
Masala Chips £3.50
MaCh signature spicy chips for 2
Raita £1.25
Salad £1.50
Poppadoms £0.75
Pickle Tray

Side Dishes

Aloo Gobi £3.95 potato and cauliflower
Mushroom Bhaji £3.95
Bombay Aloo £3.95
Spiced lincolnshire potatoes
Bhindi Bhaji £3.95
Tarka Dal £3.95
Chana Masala £3.95
Palak Chana £3.95
chick peas and spinach
Vegetable Curry £3.95
Gobi Bhaji £3.95 cauliflower 
Sag Aloo £3.95 spinach and potato
Bringal Bhaji £3.95 aubergine
Sag Paneer £3.95 spinach and cheese

n - contains traces of nuts; v - vegetarian


Special Offers and Events